Losing weight is challenging

With our busy lifestyle and schedules, maintaining your weight becomes quite a serious challenge. It can be quite risky to be overweight considering all the health risks that come with it. Therefore, we are here to help you, we have different forms of body slimming and reshaping programs available in the clinic in the form of single or combination of mesotherapy, carboxytherapy and slimming machines.

Slimming machines available in the clinic:

1- 3Max machine (has ultrasound, Radiofrequency and Vaccum)
2- Powershape (has Laser, Radiofrequency & Vaccum)
3- Eximia Machine (has Radiofrequency, laser and Vaccum)

Ultrasound Machine

The Ultrasound helps to destroy fat cells by applying pressure; the fat cells are then reduced to liquid and are expelled from the body through the lymphatic drainage system.

It also helps in improving skin texture and condition, body contouring and reshaping, and has some medical benefits such as Lymph and blood circulation as well as the tightening of connective tissues. It can also aid in Cellulite therapy.

Multipolar RF, Low-level laser with vacuum & LED

This machine works by delivering thermal energy into dermal layers by applying electromagnetic waves at 5 to 10mm.

  • It helps in promoting metabolism in the fatty layers of the body and face.
  • It also creates direct results when it comes to cellulite reduction treatments, body sculpting, and collagen regeneration.