One of the signs of aging is increased wrinkling of the face. This can occur naturally over time or due to Sun Exposure and there are secondary factors that can cause wrinkles include the constant pull of gravity, frequent and constant positional pressure on the skin of the face (e.g. during sleep) and repeated facial movements caused by the contractions of the muscles of facial expression.

In general, facial wrinkles have a myriad of remedies: face-lifting, surgical excision, resurfacing procedures using lasers, acid peels or Dermabrasion, soft tissue fillers such as collagen or fat and facial massages, and other homeopathic remedies. Therefore, to choose the most appropriate therapy, distinctions must be between wrinkles created by loss of collagen, wrinkles caused by volumetric loss of fat, redundant folds caused by gravitational pull, and those caused by hyper-functional facial muscles.

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